Our Flower Bar is a make-your-own bouquet extravaganza for special events.

How it works

Customers choose from multiple package sizes that include the optional display stand and at least 10 different types of freshly cut, locally grown flowers.  Package cost depends on guest number and desired bouquet size (e.g. 5 stems per bouquet, 20 stems per bouquet, etc.). We deliver and setup the flowers and display the day of (or day before) your event. The event host/hostess provides vases, jars, or custom vessels for guests to fill with their creations.



Flower Type: Dried or Fresh

Color Palette: (exact color requests cannot be guaranteed due to seasonal availability of flowers)

Number of Guests (10 guest minimum):

Target number of stems per bouquet: Mini: 5   Small: 10   Medium: 15 Large: 20

Cost per stem: $1

Minimum order: $100

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Photography provided by Jay Russell Photography. @jayrussellphotography www.jayrussellphotography.com