Hand and Body Soaps

Hand and Body Soaps


Our honey and beeswax soaps are made with all natural ingredients-no artificial scents, colors, or additives.

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We pledge to only use all-natural, plant-based ingredients in our soaps. Ingredients include:

1. Honey-a natural humectant and antiseptic for the skin

2. Beeswax: 1% beeswax is added to all our bars to create a hard bard

3. Oils and butters used in the production of our BODY soaps: almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, mango butter. 

4. Oils used in the productions of our FACIAL soaps: almond, castor, coconut, jojoba, and olive oil

5. Colorants used in our soaps (specific colors used depends on the design): annatto seed, alkanet root, cosmetic charcoal, green tea, indigo powder, madder root, nettle, paprika

6. Exfoliants used: coffee grounds, finely ground walnut shell powder, finely ground loofah sponge, poppy seeds

7. Therapeutic-grade essential oils used in our soaps: basil, bergamot, frankincence, grapefruit, lavendula (lavender), litsea cubeba, lemongrass, myrrh, orange, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, tea tree

8. Other additions: pine tar (historically used to reduce skin inflammation and dandruff), honey bee propolis