Drunken Bee Shampoo Bars

Drunken Bee Shampoo Bars


Our Drunken Bee Shampoo and Conditioner bar will challenge the way you think about hair care. Commercial, liquid shampoos are detergent-based, which means they strip the natural oils from your hair. Conditioners often include fillers like silicone derivatives that artificially smooth and weigh down your hair. Our Shampoo and Conditioner bar is mildly cleansing and made with ingredients known to nourish hair: real silk fibers, raw honey, organic egg yolks, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, and locally brewed beer from Keg Creek Brewing Company! Through a new sustainable partnership with this hoppin’ Glenwood, IA brewery, we use selected beers in several lines of our soap. For our shampoo bars, we use their Breakdown Brown Ale because it is high in amino acids and vitamins for the hair and gives a great lather to the shampoo. To top it off, we package the bar in a lather bag that helps generate extra silky lather, reduces packaging, and is great for traveling.

Helpful hints:

  1. The key to making shampoo bars work for you is to experiment with how much soap you need, and to realize that you don’t need to generate a massive amount of lather to clean your hair-you don’t need to look like the Abominable Snowman to make it work.

  2. Depending on your water type, many shampoo bar makers will suggest an apple cider vinegar rinse after using your shampoo bar (hard water users will often benefit from a vinegar rinse). We include apple cider vinegar IN the bar, which provides more pH balance to the bar, and decreases the need for a separate rinse. However, apple cider vinegar is great for the hair, and if you have very hard water, you may want to experiment to see if an apple cider vinegar rinse is right for you.

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